Brownie awards

I worked on the Brownie awards serie for Brossard at Chez Eddy, with the directors Emmanuelle & Julien.

I did rendering and compositing.

Zorro the Chronicles

I worked on the modelling and texturing of the generics characters for the TV show Zorro at Cyber Group Studios.

City Light & Raving Rabbids

Compositing at Circus.

Frog from Chrono Trigger

Personnal work
Wip rendu Vray/3ds max

Turn Frog


I worked during one year on my graduation film at Supinfocom with Hugo Bodoukian Meyrant, Martin Chabannes and Anne Labadie.


We made a film for Canal+ with Stéphane Blanquet.
I did some modeling, texturing, shading, lighting and rendering.


Exercise of integration made with Colin Laubry.

Zbrush Character

Zbrush modelling where we learnt hard surfacing. We had to model a character and his accessory following a table with different suggestion we must choose :
this is an old fat woman in 2455 on her amored mount.

CG Sphere

First Vray test for the competition.

Captain Fish

I worked on a short film directed by John Banana.
I worked on the layout the 2nd part of the film, and the modeling of the kitchen, the street and the corridor.


During my summer internship at Digital Banana, I worked on 2 pilots for a TV show from Cyber Group Studio. I did some modeling and texturing.

Petit Huit

Short movie made in 3rd year at Supinfocom. We have to direct a one minute film, alone, on a fun fair theme, from November to April.

Chun li

Exercise to learn how to model a face, hands and body, before applying unwrapping and skinning.