Ideas for graduation film

Canal J

Some pictures and researches that were used for our 1st film during the 2nd year.

Background used for the 2nd shot

Background used for the 6th shot

Frog family's final design
Birthday cake use in the film

 Sketches and graphical concepts.

Visual communication

Poster on cities (2nd year).

Dummy Project

Creation of a one minute film project. An obese person who wants to shed weight goes to the gym. But a pig is going to transform every machine into cooked meat.


Conceptual image exercise during 2nd year. You'll find below : an old geezer, a womaniser and a superficial teenager.

The four seasons

Exercise showing evolution over time of the same place.


Exercise to get familiar with Illustrator.

Cinema posters

Photoshop exercise where we had to insert our own face into a cinema poster.